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The Planars
Archimedes Archimedes
Race: Great Horned Owl
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Um, Owl?
Bio: An articulate owl whose name stems from obvious sources. It isn't quite known where exactly he and his beholder compatriot are "learnin'" their unseen audience from, but soon this poor smart owl will find himself thrust into more dangerous circumstances...
First Appearance: Episode 1: Intro!

Tchicktandolaptrexilbra Tchicktandolaptrexilbra
Race: Beholder (variant powers)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Mage/Thief
Bio: Tchicktandolaptrexilbra (Tchick to his friends) is a beholder outcast who has somehow found his way into the Planes. A floating eye adorned with additional eyes, Tchick enjoys apples, good times, and picking people's pockets with telekinesis. He rarely keeps what he finds, but he likes to replace the wallets in the pockets of the wrong people. Having accidentally garnered the wrath of the Lady of Pain, it may be that Tchick is more important to the Planes than anyone realizes...
First Appearance: Episode 1: Intro!

Elera Elera
Race: Fire Genasi (half-human, half-fire elemental (an Efreet))
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Mage/Cleric (Elemental)
Bio: Though half-fire elemental, Elera seems to lack the temper usually associated with these creatures. She is a rather kind person, especially for a member of the Fated, who are known to be a bit short with people. However, she does believe heavily in self- reliance, which may explain her rather broad selection of a profession.
First Appearance: Episode 5: Yes, new recruits are the best choice to save the world.

Torin Torin
Race: Aasimar (half-human, half-celestial)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Fighter
Bio: The quintessential fighter, Torin belongs to the Transcendent Order, which believes that thinking too much is generally a bad thing. Torin fits in quite well. Though an expert in large swords, Torin has a habit of relying heavily on his massive strength in lieu of his brain.
First Appearance: Episode 6: Everyone needs an info imp

Talanard Talanard
Race: Half-Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Illusionist
Bio: A recent arrival on the Planes, Talanard joined the Sensates because they were the first faction he discovered. Talanard is a Prime and does not remember how he even got to Sigil. He must have endured some kind of trauma because only scattered pieces of his memory crop up now and then.
First Appearance: Episode 7: All the adventurin' setup should be done now. Really.

Meleras Meleras
Race: Drow Elf
Alignment: Lady Killer
Class: Ranger
Bio: Being a drow, Meleras has seen his share of bad-tempered elves. Though he was originally a prime, he has spent over a hundred years in service of Lolth in the Abyss, a position which isn't exactly his favorite, but does keep him from being bloodily devoured by the evil spider god-queen. The rise of the Nothing has shaken the belief and will of people across the Planes, and even the powers have begun to feel the effects. And, with the Nothing visibly devouring entire layers of the Abyss before people's eyes, Lolth has acted. Meleras has been sent to Sigil to seek out the mysterious Wise One, who may know more of the nature of the Nothing than any being alive.
First Appearance: Episode 51: Wondrous Modern Technology

The Primes
DOM Eldon (DOM)
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Cleric of Lathander
Bio: Eldon began his adventuring career late in life, mostly due to the church growing weary of his late-night binges. Eldon, known as the DOM (Dirty Old Man) to his friends, may be 45, but he can party like it was 1358.
   DOM, unfortunately, has a drinking problem and isn't as young as he used to be. He likes the ladies, but they don't often like him. It hurts poor DOM's feelings, but then he just reaches for the old pint flask.
   But whatever DOM's shortcomings, he will fight for goodness throughout the Realms.
First Appearance: Episode 25: Super Interactive Not a Distraction Comic!

Gerand Gerand
Race: Human
Alignment: He's not telling
Class: Mage (Illusionist)
Bio: Sucked into adventuring from his cushy tavern life in Shadowdale, Gerand has been funneled into saving a bunch of kids or something from Cyric or somesuch. He doesn't care all that much, but if there's a potential for money and women involved, he'll come along.
First Appearance: Episode 25: Super Interactive Not a Distraction Comic!

Twag Twagnonalirathon (Twag)
Race: Half-Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Thief
Bio: A half-elf thief of questionable skill, Twag spends most of his time attempting to snag small change. He generally prefers shininess to actual value, which is why he usually drinks the cheap beer. The recent tizzle in Shadowdale has distracted him from his epic quest: tracking down his lost brother, Talanard.
First Appearance: Episode 25: Super Interactive Not a Distraction Comic!

Telv Telvrin (Telv)
Race: Elf
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Mage/Thief (almost a bard!)
Bio: Way back, about 3 years ago, anyway, Telvrin lived in the elven city of Evermeet. He was a typical young elf, eating grilled squirrel, chopping down random saplings, things like that. His parents were horrified. In an effort to straighten the lad out, Sisran and Elane sent their son to minstrel school. Telvrin was expelled from the course for a strange occurrence know only as "the plague of playing cards." Few had ever used a cantrip spell to such devastating effect.
   A few months later, at a large concert for bard school, Telvrin decided to prove himself. He knocked out the teacher and led the other flabbergasted students in song himself, playing his banjo all the while.
   Once the windriders caught him, (about a day and a half later), the elven leaders decided his fate. They tied him to a giant eagle and let it drop him wherever it wanted. Telvrin miraculously survived by landing in a pile of dragon dung.
   The name Telvrin now elicits deep sighs and shaking heads among elves everywhere. These days, he roams the world, announcing himself as either an elven minstrel, or a "licensed magician." Both practices are more or less con jobs.
First Appearance: Episode 25: Super Interactive Not a Distraction Comic!

Tommy Tommy Series
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Fighter
Bio: The term "irreplaceable" does not meet with the fighters who are known collectively as Tommys. Through some trick of the universe, magic, or unknown power, every time a Tommy is killed, another one appears to take his place. Each one comes equipped with plate armor, a long sword, and a seemingly magnetic attraction to sharp objects. For convenience, Gerand and the rest of the group have taken to calling the Tommys by number.
First Appearance: Episode 25: Super Interactive Not a Distraction Comic!

Milny Milny Boldoffin
Race: Halfling
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Good)
Class: Ranger/Thief
Bio: At only 4 feet tall, one would think Milny might be difficult to notice. Certainly, she is quite capable of hiding very effectively. But this young halfling girl usually prefers to be talking up a storm with whoever will listen. Her stories are long, involved, and invariably peppered with hundreds of lies. And afterwards, it is usually a good idea to verify you still have all your belongings. Milny learned her many bad habits from her plethora of brothers (six of them), especially her two older brothers, Feldo and Kelan. Despite her shortcomings, Milny is good-hearted and loves just about everybody (even liking the decidely evil duergar dwarf, Sarn Kellfrock). She also professes a friendship with a dragon known as "Fred," but the likelyhood of something like this occuring is as suspect as most of her stories.
First Appearance: Episode 36: Bad Plan

Fred Fred
Race: Dragon
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Fighter
Bio: Well, apparently Milny doesn't make up everything. Her "pet" dragon Fred latched onto the little halfling girl when she found him with a rather large splinter in his foot. His claws not being as dexterous as he might like, the poor dragon was unable to unearth the annoying piece of wood. Ever since, they have nominally accompanied each other on multiple adventures, some of which may actually have happened.
    Fred looks a bit like a copper dragon, but his coloring is a bit off. Whatever exact species he is is unknown at the moment.
First Appearance: Episode 40: Don't Speak too Soon...

The Villains

Merrel Merrel
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Mage
Bio: Mysterious cult leader of the "Black Robes" with possible allegiance to an unknown faction, this rogue wizard is haughty, psychotic, and extremely dangerous. Fully willing to launch fireballs into crowded squares, he seems not only perfectly content to wreak havoc wherever he desires, but also completely unworried about reprisal. The Black Robes have been connected with the advance of the Nothing, but what exactly this connection is, or whether they have some higher power controlling their actions, remains to be seen.
First Appearance: Episode 4: To thicken plot, just add flour!

Varlan Varlan
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Fighter/Cleric/Blackguard
Bio: Varlan was once the second in command of the god Cyric's forces in the Ruins of Undermountain, when the dark god sought to wrest control of the immense dungeon for his own purposes. But, in a bloody battle in the depths of the ruin, Varlan was slain by a band of heroes led by John the Farmer and Delia, formerly another of Cyric's minions. However, Cyric expended a measure of his power to rescue his priest from death, and Varlan has since roamed the Dalelands, gathering power for his master. However, recent events have shaken Varlan to the core. Cyric has been apparently slain. Now the dark priest has fallen in with Merrel's black robed cultists, who assure him the tasks they have set will lead to the resurrection of his god. Varlan will stop at nothing to restore Cyric to power, including risking the wrath of all Dalelanders by kidnapping the children of Shadowdale for use in some dark purpose...
First Appearance: Episode 30: More Villains Than You Can Shake a Fist At

Delia Delia
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Mage/Fighter
Bio: Delia's past is as checkered as her present. Her parents were slain by minions of Bane, disguised as paladins of Tyr. Believing the deception, Delia fell into darkness. She sought out evil gods who would imbue her with the power she craved for vengeance. Bane desired her allegiance, for the wizardess was powerful, but, to his aggravation, she fell in with Cyric instead, through his priest, Varlan. After destroying an entire village in the name of Cyric she was drawn into his inner circle, along with the high priestess Railah. Their goal: taking control of Undermountain.
   However, the warrior known as Farmer John, brother to Railah, was able to turn Delia from the dark path she had chosen and the two led a combined force of heroes to stop Cyric. Most were slain in the battle, including Railah and Delia.
   Cyric moved quickly to resurrect his champions. He secured Varlan easily, but he met with a strong opposition in raising Railah. In anger, he turned to Delia instead, raising and reshaping her to meet his needs, in vengeance for her betrayal. This incarnation was known as the Dark One, Cyric's carefully selected minion, and potential avatar for his spirit. However, Delia's good side was preserved by Bane, who still sought her and Cyric's downfall.
   In confusion, Delia wandered the Dales as her evil half ransacked them. Eventually, she would meet in battle with the Dark One, who housed Cyric's immortal spirit. In order to destroy the evil god, she defeated him with the aid of an unknown power. But, forceably reunited with her other half, Delia returned to her old, evil ways and rejoined Varlan's band.
   Whether or not any of the good Delia truly remains is unknown.
First Appearance: Episode 30: More Villains Than You Can Shake a Fist At

Vec Trasden Vec Trasden
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Thief/Shadowdancer
Bio: Abused by his father from childhood, Vec was long consumed by a festering hatred. This hatred was realized in his early adulthood in an association with Varlan, whom he met post the evil cleric's resurrection. Serving as an assassin for Cyric and his human master, Vec delights in murder and mayhem... and he's very good at causing it.
First Appearance: Episode 30: More Villains Than You Can Shake a Fist At

Sarn Kellfrock Sarn Kellfrock
Race: Duergar Dwarf
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Class: Cleric/Fighter
Bio: An ancient warrior from a forgotten time, Sarn slept for over 10,000 years, waiting for the return of his master, the god Jergal. The high priest and battle-cleric of the Lord of the End of Everything, Sarn is powerful, rock-solid, and seemingly unstoppable. His return to the Multiverse brought with him the Nothing, and by the strength of his axe, Sarn aims to complete his master's plans.
First Appearance: Episode 32: So where's the punchline?

Railah/Jergal Railah/Jergal
Race: Human/Power
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Class: Cleric/Fighter/Thief
Bio: Railah was once a happy, well-adjusted human girl from the Cormyr area on Faerun. Doted on by her older half-brother, the farmer John, she was more than a bit spoiled and sought after by suitors. However, a normal life was not hers to be. At the age of 18, after an argument with John, she stormed from Cormyr and rode off down the road for many miles, until well after dark. Having never been on her own before, Railah was unsure what to do in the wilderness. She tried to get back, but the bandits had other plans. They ravaged her and left her for dead. She lay in a ditch for two days, the search parties sent out from Cormyr unable to find her. Unfortunately, she was found by a wandering cleric of Cyric.
   Commanded by the dark god to bring the girl, Railah was brought to the temple of Cyric. Convinced that she would gain revenge on those who abused her, Railah took to her training well. It was less than a year later when her magical scrying uncovered the location of the bandits. She fell upon them in rage and slew them all. Cyric was pleased.
   Railah grew in power and status and Cyric decided that she was truly his chosen for his next conquest: the conquering of the dungeon Undermountain. Here, Cyric would be able to generate sufficient power to eventually overthrow Ao, the overgod. To this end he sent Railah, the former high-priest Varlan, the wizardess Delia, the adept warriors Cyless and Borf, and many minions. The mission was nearly a success, but the betrayal of Delia and the arrival of Farmer John threw the Cyricists a curve. Railah killed Delia with a powerful spell, but not before Varlan, Borf, and Cyless had fallen. Then, Railah, who had been imbued with Cyric's very spirit, faced John, who held the sword Godsbane. In terror, Cyric fled her body, and John felled his sister through his tears. Her sword was thrust through him in turn.
   But such a death was not Railah's to be. Cyric sought to resurrect her, but he was blocked. He did not know at the time, but the forgotten god Jergal had been watching... and he had selected his host. He took Railah, and, with his dwindling powers, restored her life. The price was the sharing of her body. Over the eons, Jergal's mind had become infused with a burning desire to fulfill the destiny no one knew was his... the obliteration of existence. Within a mortal coil, Jergal could protect his godly might... and begin his plans for the end of everything that is...
First Appearance: Episode 50: Advent Evil Bad Guys

The Nothing The Nothing
Race: NA
Alignment: NA
Class: NA
Bio: Not so much a villain as a primal force, the Nothing is a vast emptiness of absolute void, exiled to the edges of the Multiverse by the power of the Eldest. It is unknown if the Nothing possesses intelligence, reason, or is even really a single entity, but the force of its coming is becoming far too well known. Entire land masses are slowly being devoured by the advancing vortex of its approach, and even the Powers have been helpless to stop it. All that is truly known is this... if the Nothing is not stopped, then all existence will come to an end.
First Appearance: Prologue 2

The Other Folks

The Lady of Pain The Lady of Pain
Race: Unclear
Alignment: Unknown
Class: Unavailable
Bio: The supreme ruler of Sigil, little is known of the Lady of Pain. She is swift to anger and unfathomable in her logic. Few have ever spoken to her and lived to tell the tale. Fewer still are even willing to say her name, for she is often listening somehow. Peace seems her only goal that most can determine, for such is the condition of Sigil generally speaking... peace at any cost.
   Despite her awesome power, even the Lady of Pain seems without the means to combat the relentless force of the Nothing...
First Appearance: Episode 2: The Lady of-- ACK!

That Crazy Witch That Crazy Witch
Race: Uncertain
Alignment: Unknown
Class: Well, I mean, y'know. She's a witch.
Bio: A crazy witch living somewhere in the Nine Hells for no apparent reason, this usually long-nosed lady enjoys Doom Tea and turning rude guests into stone statues. Able to portal around the Planes with ease, one has to wonder as to how much power she really has. She knows a good deal about the Nothing... and the role a certain beholder is destined to play.
    Her normal appearance is a ruse, and one must wonder just what it is she is concealing...
First Appearance: Episode 12: But you can fly, right?

Crazy Guy The Crazy Guy
Race: Very Dead Human
Alignment: Probably, um... well. Dunno.
Class: Unknown
Bio: Not apparently a counterpart to the Crazy Witch, but crazy nontheless. This man sports a tale of creation unlike any ever heard, and seems completely sincere in his unhingedness. He was somehow involved with Merrel and the Black-Robed Cultists, but the details are sketchy. He killed himself in Shadowdale with the implication that it was the only way he could reach the Planes.
First Appearance: Prologue 1

Elder Gods The Elder Gods
Race: Greater Powers
Alignment: Unknown
Class: Unknown
Bio: These Elder Beings, described by the late Crazy Guy, were, according to him, responsible for all life, well, everywhere. The first of them, the Eldest, arose directly from Nothing and pulled his wife (The Lady) and child (The Youngest) directly from his own being. The Eldest and Lady brought matter and form to the Universe and established the laws. It was the Youngest who brought the missing piece, life, to a place they called the Firstworld. Life, like the gods, had a will of its own, a will the Lady, to her anger, could not control. Eventually, after many failures to destroy this life, the Lady soured towards her fellows and broke away from them. It is unknown where any of them have since gone.
First Appearance: Prologue 2

Erin Darkflame Montgomery Erin Darkflame Montgomery
Race: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Priestess of Diancecht
Bio: The beautiful Factol of the Sensates, Erin is one of the most important, and unforgettable, people in Sigil. She comes from the Outlands, specifically the realm of Tir na Og, which was ravaged by fiends during a Blood War skirmish. The villagers won, but there were many wounded. Erin saved those from her village, but ran short of power for healing the wounded fiends. This slight earned her the demon's wrath. Her travels eventually brought her to Sigil, and her abilities earned her the title of Factol of the Sensates.
First Appearance: Episode 4.5: Politics

Rhys Rhys
Race: Tiefling (half-human, half-fiend)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Fighter
Bio: Rhys is the capable commander and Factol of the Transcendent Order. Few are known who have attained a melding of thought and body as effectively as she has, being able to wade into combat with a devastating expertise. Rhys did not have an easy time attaining this title, though, for she is a Tiefling, a hybrid of human and demon. Rhys is beautiful, but some of her stranger features can catch a berk by surprise, especially her huge pointed ears and her goat legs. Despite these oddities, Rhys is certainly one of the more effective Factols.
First Appearance: Episode 4.5: Politics

Duke Rowan Darkwood Duke Rowan Darkwood
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class: Ranger/Priest of Heimdall
Bio: Duke Rowan Darkwood is a colorful character. A former Prime and clueless, he made his way into the Planes during a mishap with a cursed deck of cards. After years of wandering, and eventually willingly leaving his former life on the Prime world Oerth, he took his place amongst the Fated in Sigil. A self-made man, it didn't take him long to become Factol of the whole organization. Some might consider Darkwood a bit crass and uncaring, but he is mostly pragmatic, and he is a good man at heart.
First Appearance: Episode 4.5: Politics

Larry Larry
Race: Tiefling
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Paladin
Bio: Larry was a member of the Harmonium Guard until recently, when he briefly questioned an order given by a superior. Now hanging from his ankles next to Tchick, will he see the errors of too rigid a thinking? Well, with all that blood rushing to his head, he'll probably just settle for falling unconscious.
First Appearance: Episode 27: Ow.

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